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What we do

We are a fully attended, clean, and friendly laundromat!  We offer Wash, Dry, Fold Service, Full Lottery, and Great Prices! 

Wash Dry Fold Service


In todays world "Time is Money".  We can save you both!  


The average household has 45lbs of laundry per week which typically takes up to 8 hours just to wash and dry.  That's over 400 hours/year!  


Rising energy, water and sewer costs only add to this burden.  It is estimated that a typical family of 4 spends almost $600/year just in energy and water alone! Add detergents and supplies and the average cost is over $ 1000/year.  


If you choose our service, simply drop of your dirty laundry in the *morning (or call us to pick it up!) and we will wash dry neatly fold and package your laundry for pickup at the end of the day.  No worries, no stress, just bring them home and put them away! 


How much is your time and happiness worth?   

Folded Clothes
Other Services


Fully Attended 

Lowest Machine Prices in the Area

RI Lottery Retailer


Cable TV 

Complimentary Coffee and Tea

Available for purchase-Detergent, Bleach, Bags, Snacks




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